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The Rougail

A traditional Meal from the Reunion

by Gwenaëlle

French Pastry

by Théo

<-------The French Pastry is a lot known because there are a lot of pastry chef now in France. Within The French pastry you can find many specialities as “le fraisier” and the best pastry of the world are in France .

the French have win the world championship. In the pastry there are four  different jobs:  “Chocolatier”,”Confiseur”, ”Glacier”, and ”patissier” which my uncles is. He is the world champion of ice sculture.

on the picture, it is somebody's creation of cakes; he has a shop on paris


The Cassoulet

by Baptiste 

The "Galette des Rois"

by Léa 

The cake of king is a pancake traditionally sold and consumed in France, in Quebec, in Switzerland, in the Luxembourg, in Belgium and in the Lebanon on the occasion of the Epiphany, the Christian party which celebrates the visit of the Three Kings to the child Jesus, celebrated on January 6th.


History of the Cassoulet

It is the most famous meal of the Occitan Cuisine. The official Cassoulet Academy is located in a town between Toulouse and Carcassonne, Catelnaudary. 

If you ask people, many would say it is the traditional dish of the south west of France. Although this meal is originally from Occitanie, it is today worldwide famous! 


Ingredients can be different but the goal is the same: use locally produced goods when you can! You can add any meat you can find around the place you live: lamb, pork ring, sausages, etc... as long as you keep the main ingredients: beans, preserved meat (confit), and pork sausages. 

The influence of Prosper Montagné

Prosper Montagné was a French chef who was from Carcassonne. 

The members of the Universal Cassoulet Academy try to be respectful of the history of the dish and try to remain loyal to the "Trilogy" Prosper Montagné described: "Cassoulet is the good of Occitan cuisine, a God with three hearts: Castelnaudary, the Father; Carcassonne, the Son; Toulouse, the Holy Spirit: they are all Cassoulet!" 

A quiz on "la Chandeleur", by Assia and Florine

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