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Moving to France

France, the biggest country in the EU, known for the diverse landscapes, medieval cities, Mediterranean climate/ beaches and it's fine dining: cheese, wine, traditional pastries. Not forgetting the wonderful capital Paris, the "city of love", famed for it's art, culture, fashion and gastronomy.

I was born in Hertfordshire, a town in southern England. At the age of 11, I moved to a small town in the south of france called Carcassonne. I had just finished primary school and was looking forward to going into secondary school: what i didn't know is that i would be starting it in france!

At first it was difficult because i didn't understand or speak any french but as the time went by i got used to it. Some people may think that it's hard to learn a new language but when everyone speaks it around you, it comes naturally. I have already visited Paris but Carcassonne isn't the same: it's a calm town with a different lifestyle with a very nice climate and beautiful landscapes, it's also quite close to Spain. "Occitanie" is a region with a sunny climate and is near to many seasides.

In the future i wish that France will become innovated with new technologies and it'll be richer...but in another way this place is known for being peaceful and quiet.


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