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We have decided to analyse problems that we are all facing in Europe and in the World. We tried to find ideas to solve these problems in the future and to make it better! Here are our ideas and projects!  

In Carcassonne, we have found out that the number of fruits and vegetables is decreasing because humans use DDT and other pesticides in agriculture for example. By this act, they pollute our environment and insect are in decline, expecially bees. Bees are the producers of honey but they also help flowers to pollinate and to create the fruits. 
We have also found out that honey is very healthy and a very good anti-bacterian product. 
We went to a high school to create lip balm based of honey and honey wax. We were helped by older pupils. 
This lip balm is healthy and good for lips and hands! You can even produce it yourself! 

We have also created tote bag with our old t-shirts. Listen to Sandhya explaining why we did it! 

Sandhya at Sabatier

Sandhya at Sabatier





After Sandhya's speech, we traded our tote bags with plastic bags with high school pupils. 

We also sold tote bags to people to explain our action and to tell them not to use plastic bags anymore! 

Now, it's your turn to do the same!

Do not forget: 


Salut, mon ami! 

En Estonie pour préserver la planète, il y a une action, elle s'apelle " Faisons-le ". 

Les gens se réunissent et commencent à nettoyer le pays. 

Chaque année, il y a beaucoup de gens qui participent dans cette action. 

La premiére fois était le 3 mai 2008 et on a jeté plus de 10 000 tonnes de déchets. 

Le dernière fois était le 8 mai 2016. 

Je n'ai encore jamais participé à une action " Faisons-le ". 

Comment est-ce que les gens préservent la planète chez toi ? 

Au revoir, 


les tables rondes sur le territoire de l'Estonie

Cette petite action est devehue grande, maintenant l'Estonie consulte les autres pays pour aider à organiser des actions écolos partout dans le monde. Chaque année on oranise aussi des tables rondes qui ont pour l'objectif préparer le grand nettoyage.

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