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French Novels

Musso - Morgane
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French Comics and Mangas

French Comics

The french comic was born in 1889, and is still alive. French comics still exist nowadays like Lucky-Luck or Asterix.

It’s Golden Age was in 20s to 30s. The comic was not being edited anymore in newspaper, so Opera Mundi created its own support, which is the comic we all know.

After Japan, France is the 2nd country open the manga market. The success brings other countries to draw mangas.

I will be talking about 2 comics, 2 mangas and a melting pot of comic and manga. 


Adele Blanc Sec :

Exept book 5, the main caracter is Adele Blanc Sec, a Parisian Young women living in the beginning of the 20th century. The story takes place between 1911 and 1922. Everything takes place in Paris. The young woman always seems to be in trouble, she is always trapped by mad scientists, monsters and other sects.

Written by Jacques Tardi and designed by Anne Delobel in the first édition, then designed by the author himself. The comic was edited by Casterman from 1976 to 1978, then edited again in 1998 and 2007. The comic has 9 books and a movie was made in 2010.

Marcel Gotlib was the best French author. He had a cartoon and humoristic style. He unfortunatly died in 2016 at the age of 82.

The comic I chose is Rubrique à brac, it’s a concentrated stories of 2 pages. In this comic strip, a same gag is shown again and again, the falling apple upon Isaac Newton head. 

French Mangas

Both comic and manga


Terrence is a Young timid person. During a nightmare he can overpass his biggest fear, fire. He leads a double life : normal people by day and fire controler by night, in Dreamland.

Written by Rene Lemaire and edited by Pika edition. There are 16 books. It was so successful that it was imported in Japan.

-Ki & Hi

KI and Hi are two brothers that lead life together, they live in the smallest village of kingdom panda form. Ki loves torturing Hi in many ways. Reberring a sushi shop or fighting while a basketball match or ally to save the village, the stories show brotherhood relationship.

Written by Kevin Tran (a youtuber) and designed by Fanny Antigny, edited by Michel Lafon. This magna was sold by 50 000 books unless it was the first book and it was edited in 2016. 


Lastman is a melting pot of manga and comic, written by Bastien Vives and Balak. They are assissted on drawing by Michael Sanlaville. Edited by Casterman, the serie gets for the moment 9 books.

In King’s valley, world where magic is well known, annual tournament is prepared, The Young Adrian velba, a boy of the martial art school will participate at this tournament. Unfortunately his partnair gets ill, the tournament being made by duo, Adrian needs to give up. But Richard Aldana he is coming, seeking for a partner too, both of them will participate finally at this tournament.

An animated serie was made in 2016, retracing Richard Aldana’s story 10 years before lastman. The serie gets 26 episods, melting fights, gangster, and supernatural. 

Les livres, choisis par Annabel et Emili

’The Hobbit’’ parle du nain Bilbo et de son aventure. Il va dans les montagnes  du dragon Smaug.  Ce livre est très aventureux et très passionnant. Il a été écrit par J.R.R. Tolkien, c’est un écrivain anglais, poète, philologue et professeur.

’’Agent’’ parle de la vie James après la mort de sa mère et comment il a vécu à CHERUB. Ce livre est très drôle et intéressant. Il a été écrit par Robert Muchamore, qui est un écrivain anglais, plus remarquable pour l’écriture ’’Agent’’ et ’’Henderson’s boys’’.

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